IVBHN Goals

To develop veteran cultural competence among providers of care.

In collaboration with our partners, we will provide training, a stage model of competence, designations for providers, and a means of accessing organizational and cultural competence to maintain this focus. Family Education Meetings will reduce feelings of  helplessness and hopelessness that contribute to depression and suicidal ideation and will assist families in building additional networks of support.  

To connect eight selected community mental health centers as access sites to the veterans administration center tele-behavioral health hub.

Formation of this network represents a unique military/partnership to increase behavioral health access for rural veterans through tele-behavioral health spoke access points to prevent emotional deterioration while maintaining access to medications, resulting in more positive outcomes for veterans.  The following ASPIN members are access sites:

- Four County Counseling Center, Logansport, IN
- Bowen Center, Warsaw, IN
- Wabash Valley Alliance, Crawfordsville, IN
- Centerstone of Indiana, Rushville, IN
- Centerstone of Indiana, Bedford, IN
- Centerstone of Indiana, Columbus, IN
- Hamilton Center,  Bloomfield, IN
- Community Howard Regional Health, Kokomo, IN


Community Partners 

VA.jpg Roudebush VA Medical Center 

MFRI.jpg    Military Family Research Institue

indiana_NG.jpgIndiana National Guard



The Indiana Veterans Behavioral Health Network (IVBHN) was formed in May 2009 as a result of a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) planning grant. It is a network that brings key partners together to improve behavioral health and well-being among Indiana’s rural veterans and their families through increased access to behavioral health care services.  HRSA has awarded $536,600 in funds toAffiliated Service Providers of Indiana, Inc (ASPIN) to be used over a three year period to support increased access to veteran behavioral health services provided at the Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis.

Mission Statement

The Indiana Veterans Behavioral Health Network will work to increase accessibility of veterans to services, to streamline referral and reimbursement processes, and to create a matrix of family care that meets the needs of rural veterans

Indiana Veterans

Of the approximately 12,000 Hoosiers in the Army National Guard and the additional 1,900 in the Air National Guard, over 12,000 soldiers have been deployed at least once since September 11, 2001. The Indiana Army Guard grew by 1,235 between 2004 and 2007, making Indiana the fourth-largest Army Guard in the nation.

Indiana & Veterans

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